Your Privacy Our Priority !!

While Going Online For Shopping Of adult products what is the one thing you feel disgusting about?

The only part of online shopping especially when it comes to shopping of adult products & sex toys is its privacy as no one likes to share these stuff publicly. We did many kinds of stuff & the best we did is getting a package to you with a private note and hiding all the details which in anyhow lead to privacy issues. We have made a feature where our products or websites name doesn’t appear on the courier shipment & package.

But some of our customers were still tensed about the privacy issues the biggest question among all of them was about the appearance of the brand’s name on their bank statement.

So our team at worked all along with our customer’s requests and went with such an amazing feature to which your shopping at won’t appear anywhere else, neither on your bank statement nor on your transaction history and will be. A secret *A top secret* between you & us.

This is like Icing on the cake! Because we are so much deeply concerned about your privacy at every step while you’re shopping with us. Even your payment details will not leak it anyway. Our website name “” would not appear on any of your payment statement. To know more on this in a detailed way, please refer to our “Privacy Policy” section.

From providing a good feature to best service we try to be on top of your priorities while shopping with your heart & spending on your fantasies we want your excitement to be maintained forever as while you are excited we are working on everything for your maintenance of this fantasied excitement & happiness. We have gone on choosing the best for our customers that’s why we are able to provide such awesome services at no or minimal additional cost.

Adding this feature makes it best for our customers as their privacy remains unquestioned and our work of providing satisfaction to you gets done easily in no meantime. Although for security reasons and for the sake of originality/ authenticity our name will be Hidden everywhere & by everywhere, just except on the payment receipt which you will receive on your mail immediately after placing the order, only a small name “Dodils” will be appeared at the bottom, this we have done for you & as well as for us to have a history of your shopping & payment’s for future problems, if any. The descriptions has been made in such a clear way just to put you on a real side and to assure you about everything by giving proper details and description, this explanation also leads to a crystal clear relationship between we & our customers.

Privacy Policy Of “Dodils” has been made & implemented in such a way that none of our customers are affected, we have put our customer’s privacy as one of our main priorities.

“Dodils” is the only marketplace filled with thousands of sex toys & adult products in very reasonable price, with all customers aspects maintained from privacy to quality we have taken care of everything.

Your privacy is our top priority always. Be assured everything will be taken care of by us. You have to do nothing just sit place your order and relax.

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