Beginner’s Guide To Women’s Sex Toys.

Sex toys can truly be a girl’s best friend!

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or want to add a little zing to lovemaking with your partner – we’ve got the right toy for beginners, sex toy enthusiasts and everyone in between! Every toy you buy from Dodils is imported from international premium brands, made of body safe, skin friendly materials like silicone, and comes with quality checks . Here’s our quick beginner’s guide to sex toys for women to get you started.

Did you know that over 80% of women require external stimulation of the clitoris to be able to have it best ? Typically a good choice for beginners, clitoral vibrators are used externally. Use the vibrator to stimulate the clitoris a bit with circular movements. External vibrators can also be used for spicing up foreplay with a partner, as they are perfect for massaging erogenous zones of both the female and male body. Add a water based lube for smooth gliding.


Classic vibrators, or vibrating dildos, can be used to either stimulate the clitoral area externally or inserted into the vagina, to help find and tickle your G-spot. Available with exchangeable batteries, or in USB rechargeable, these versatile toys are perfect for beginners and experts alike! Don’t forget to get a good water based lube with your vibrator to ensure smooth gliding. Shop Classic Vibrators

Famous since Sex And The City, these special vibrators are perfect for those looking for double stimulation and a blended orgasm. Rabbit Vibrators include an insertable shaft which stimulates the G-spot, and an extension part which remains outside the body to stimulate the clitoris. Don’t forget to lube up with a good water based lube! Shop Rabbit Vibrators
Dildos are the classic phallic sex toys – literally, with the first one being discovered 30,000 years ago! Many of the modern day dildos feature a functional suction cup which allows you to fix the toy on any smooth surface, e.g. in the shower. Make sure to get a high quality water based lube with it. Shop Dildos.


Used to experience both better orgasms and naturally rejuvenate the vagina, kegel exercisers, also known as Ben Wa Balls or Kegel Balls, are inserted and held in the vagina to work the pelvic muscles resulting in a pleasurable workout as well as enhanced sensations during sex and more intense orgasms. You can wear them during everyday activities or your workout at the gym. Grab a water based lube for easy insertion and a smooth feeling.

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