has identified “11 Day to Day Problems” of people regarding the Purchase of Sex Toys.
So, here we have provided the solution for these problems.
Also check our blog: “Concerns Regarding Sex Toys in India”

Our Specialities:

You have 11 GREAT  &  UNIQUE reasons to shop from

1. Guarantee of Lowest prices Offered on Every Adult Product in India.
2. 100% Free delivery on All Products All Across India.
3. Same Day Dispatchment Promised on All Products Available.
4. 100% Genuine, Original Imported Products (not local made).
5. Guaranteed Delivery Throughout India.
6. 100% Discreet Special Packaging (You can choose the “PRODUCT NAME” to be written on the package on checkout page).
7. Premium “Number-Lock” Packaging* for Complete Protection and Privacy.
8. Premium Quality Luxury Products.
9. Our Website Name Will Not Appear on Your Bank Statement.
10. Customer Self-Pickup (No Additional Charges):
11. Extra Discount on Pre-Paid Orders (Massive FLAT 40% Discount on First Order).

Don’t worry, takes care of customer privacy, pocket-friendly and ease of shopping sex toys, all at the same time.

1. Guarantee of Lowest Prices Offered on Every Adult Product in India: (No extra/ hidden charges or tax is applied)

We have carefully examined and compared the best prices of leading adult sites in India and considerably reduce the prices of our products on to provide you with the best minimum price on each product without compromising with the quality of the products.

Don’t worry, we don’t levy any extra delivery charges or taxes.

2. 100% Free Delivery on All Products All Across India (No minimum order required):

Don’t bother about any extra/ hidden charges. We will take care of all of your concerns. Just visit and get the products at no extra cost. Whatever be the total amount of products, dodils will deliver it FREE FOR YOU, ALL ACROSS INDIA.

3. Same Day Dispatchment Promise on All Products Available:

We know you will be keen to see the products in your hands. We will ship all the available products on the VERY SAME DAY from our warehouse at no extra cost and you will get a tracking number within a few hours of it. We at, thrive to deliver it as fast as possible.

4. 100% Genuine, Original Imported Products (not local made):

Keep calm! All our products on are completely genuine and original as shown in the products description page. We thoroughly examine the quality of products before shipping them.

5. Guaranteed Delivery Throughout India:

Don’t worry, just place the order on and the rest is all upon us! The delivery is guaranteed all across India as fast as possible and your payment is yours until you get what you have ordered for, it lies completely safe with us.
We will let you know about all the details of your order along-with PAYMENT RECEIPT and BILLING DETAILS immediately through your email and phone number.

6. 100% Discreet Special Packaging(You can choose the “PRODUCT NAME” to be written on the package on checkout page):

A lot of people are concerned about the privacy and discretion of adult products. We take one step ahead towards your privacy on You can choose your CUSTOMIZED NAME and PERSONAL NOTE on the checkout page, that will be written as the title on the product packaging. So, the people will only read, what you want them to.

7. Premium “Number-Lock” Packaging for Extra Protection and Privacy*:

This EXCLUSIVE feature of is a real Game-Changer for sex toy delivery. As it assures completely discreet and personalized packaging, the chances to privacy breaching reduce to ZERO.
We provide specially designed premium boxes with a NUMBER-LOCK set on it BY YOU at the time of checkout. Even if someone deceitfully receives your package, he/ she won’t be able to open it without your will. Only you know the password. The box and the lock can also be reused for other household purposes later.

(*Additional charges will be levied for premium “Number-Lock” packaging. Don’t worry, charges will be nominal, around Rs. 399/-).

You can know more about our delivery options in “Discreet Premium Packaging” section.

8. Premium Quality Luxury Products:

Once more, the pleasure is ultimate. You will get the high-quality products on, carefully chosen for safe to use and great in pleasure. Keep calm and just feel the pleasure.

9. Our Website Name Will Not Appear on Your Bank Statement*:

This is like Icing on the cake! Because we are so much deeply concerned about your privacy at every step while you’re shopping with us. Even your payment details will not leak it anyway. Our website name “” would not appear on any of your payment statement. For more details, please refer to our “Privacy Policy” section.

(Except on the payment receipt which you will receive on your mail immediately after placing the order, only a small name “dodils” will be appeared at the bottom, for security reasons and for the sake of originality/ authenticity).

10. Customer Self-Pickup (No Additional Charges):

For the sake of convenience and privacy of our customers, we provide the option of self-pickup* (CSP) from courier office on all addresses at no additional charges. We feel that some customers feel it embaracing to receive certain parcels at their doorstep. It may happen due to several reasons or unavailability of the customer at their home.

(*Please note that You have to choose this option on the checkout page. Any further change will not be entertained)

10. Extra Discount on Pre-Paid Orders (Massive FLAT 40% Discount on first order):

We always urge for the pre-paid orders, for security reasons. Hence, we offer great discounts on all pre-paid orders. Moreover, you will get a Massive FLAT 40% Discount, when you shop with us for the first time. We value for your money and pleasure both at the same time.


Happy Naughty Shopping..!!