When she Went Crazy at my back seat !!

This time my girlfriend after a busy week was ready to be on a drive with me after her 1st shift !!We decided to go on a short drive after our 1st shift ends and both won’t attend the next shift either.

So i took my car to the office, we ended our first shift and took leave for the day.

She asked to go at a peaceful place which was somewhere a hint as we both hadn’t been intense with each other neither had sex since a while due to our busy schedule, so i took her to drive while on our way we played romantic songs and she went on disturbing me by putting her legs on the car steering wheel.

And then we reached the place which was an old cricket stadium’s parking and was 6km ahead of the city. I parked the car and asked her if she wants to go out and roam a bit? She denied !! And came a bit closer too me we kissed slowly then i pulled her on my seat, took her hands on my dick and she smiled i took her hand inside she did the handjob and i went on kissing her as faster she shakes my dick, in the while i took my hands inside her pants grabbing her ass up making her go more harder on me . She on my lap with legs crossed and we were kissing like animals, wild freaks you can say going wild on each other!!

Next i asked if she wanted to go on the back seat ? She agreed & we went and then there we went on kissing again for the next couple of minutes, but deep down now i was fully aroused so i gave her a sign by saying “baby we don’t have so much time”!!. She took my hands on her top which i removed & went on kissing her on her neck making her hold me tighter and then i took her bra hook up, we both were half naked and now the fun began i grabbed her boobs, pressed her boobs kissed them and went down on her belly button while i was doing so she took my head on her pussy,removed her pants then her panty went on kissing her pussy it was wet really wet!! I asked as if she wanted to be fingered? She didn’t answered but took my fingers inside and told to go as fast as i can i went on pressing her pussy hard and she was moaning to the fullest, and in the mean time she asked if i wanted some too!! She pushed me back on my side going down on my pants removing the button dragging it down , I completely froze, I hadn’t been in this sort of situation so I just watched her, as soon as my cock was out it was in her mouth, this was my first blowjob and her first time so of course she used her teeth. I sat back down to get comfortable and she had paused sitting back up, but now I was to far in the mood to stop there.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back down, I guided her head up and down, she was gagging, squinting and had watery eyes, by the time she came up from me throat fucking her she was hyperventilating, but I wasn’t quite finished this went on for a few minutes, she pushed on my thighs to get air until her makeup was messed up, she leaned back against the door of the car smiling looking at me and now it was the time we both were ready to bang each other out i gave her the condom which i bought from my favourite website “Dodils” she sucked my cock again a bit, next she adjusted the condom and came on my lap i adjust my dick inside her wet pussy while i dragged in she moaned loudly, i pushed her up and down and then went on faster we repeatedly went on until she asked me to go hard as then i pushed her in harder and harder and we repeatedly went on for a while, then i pushed her down on the back seat and went on her up took her legs upwards and asked her to stretch and adjust my cock inside while she did i kissed her wildly amd then went on doing the rhythm faster and faster she was moaning to the fullest, it was the bests experience ever we were full on.


While on our way back we realised as this was our first sex and to be honest it couldn’t have been better, and wanted to repeat again soon 😉

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