Sex in the car isn’t so bad !!

I knew Riti from when we were kids but that time I never liked her that much or payed attention to. ThoughI was 3 years younger to her, but still we were never shy from talking about anything. We had a great time in Scotland last when we went on your first trip together, clubbing every night, drinking and dancing till hours. Things changed very fast after that, we would hang out every time I’m in town. We would go for movies, late night drives or she will come over to my place after dinner and we would watch a movie or dance in dim light.

It was during my third year summer holidays, when she came over one night and we were watching movie. I was sittin on the bed and she was lying on me. It was alright by her if I cuddled her or kissed her cheeks.

During a scene I got a boner on and since she was lying on me, it was all hard  to stop it. I tried getting up. But in the process my hard dick  on rubbed against her hand. I felt a lil embarrassed and asked her to move. She started teasing me.After a point we both burst out laughing and I just hugged her. I told her that I am so glad to have a friend like her, with whom I can be just me. Hearing this she went little emotional and said that even she really cares about me. I was so happy to hear that.

Things went on like this but I never really got a chance to do anything more than that. During one of the weekends, me along with my other other friends went to a pub for drinks. Since Riti was getting bored, she also joined us. It was 6 of us sitting in a corner table and drinking. As the time passed we all got pretty tipsy.

We decided to go on the dance floor and as Riti wasnt so close to any other person the group, she started dancing with me. During the dance, I was holding Riti from behind and her ass was driving me mad. I got a hard on instantly. Since we were dancing close, my dick started to poke her ass. She turned towards me and gave me a naughty smile. Even she was enjoying it. After a while we all went back to the table and Riti was sitting next to me. She kept on giving me naughty looks and reminded me of all. I started to laugh and told her that she is such a typo.

She smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. Feeling little warm I held her hands and kept like that. When all of us were leaving from the pub. Me and Riti sat in my car, as we lived next to each other. On the way back home, Riti said she dosen’t want to go back home and instead wants to go for a long drive. I was feeling little horny and sensed that this was good chance to be alone with her.

We drove around and went to a near by reservoir. It was pitch dark that time only the moon light was keeping things little visible for us. We got out of the car and stood at the bonnet. I was smoking and Riti was leaning on me. With the music from the car and alcohol still having its affect, riti started to dance slowly against me. I got a instant hard on and she didn’t mind it.

I threw my cigarette and held her tightly. I moved her hair from the shoulder and kissed her on the neck. She looked back and gave a very seductive smile. I Started to rub my lips on her neck, while she was still bumping her ass slowly on my dick. I reached her lips and kissed it. She responded my opening her lips. I turned her around and started kissing her very sensually.

I was pressing her ass all this while and my hands were all over her. I started to kiss her neck and move down slowly. She was moaning and calling me a bad boy. She was wearing a tight blue jeans and black top. I started to press her boobs and she was moaning very seductively. I coudn’t control it any longer and took her to the backseat of the car.

We were a little scared if any villagers come but we were too drunk to think about the consequences. I took her top and jeans off in a jiffy. She tore all my buttons of the shirt and thrust her hands inside my jeans. I was on top of her kissing her, bitting her and sucking her breasts. she kept on pressing my dick. The jeans was hurting my hard on, so I took it off.

Looking at my dick she started to smile and said that its the thickest dick she has ever seen. She started to jerk my dick and I was fingering her. We were both going mad and were drowned in lust. I coudnt wait any longer and pushed her hands. I spread her legs and inserted her slowly. She started to moan loudly. riti was petite and had a tight pussy.

I felt like I was in heaven. I started to hump her hardly and she was screaming “fuck me prateik” “you are so thick” ” go inside” ” fuck me baby” all this was driving me mad and I started to hump her harder. It was getting little uncomfortable to fuck inside the car, so I asked her if she would like to fuck in the moonlight? Girls like such impulsive things and she said yes to it.

I took her outside and bended her on the bonnet. She had a big creamy ass and I coudnt stop to lick it and finger her asshole. She was going crazy and begged me to fuck her from the back. I thrusted my dick inside her and started to fuck her in doggy style. I coudnt believe my luck and was praying that she lets me fuck her like this everyday.

All the time I was fucking her, I was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. I fucked her for 20 minuted and cummed on her ass. It was like an explosion. I squirted for ten seconds and shooted 2-3 streaks of thick cum on her ass. We both were exhausted but our lust was not over. I asked her to blow me and lick me clean.

She happily obliged. She turned around and started to suck me furiously. Within no time I was hard again. I started to dick slap her and asked her if she wants to fuck again. She just smiled and I got my answer. I pushed her on the bonnet and entered her in a single go. She let out a scream “Ahhh” “slow” but I was not listening and rammed her pussy for 10 minuted and cummed inside her this time.

We both were panting heavily. I told her that it was amazing tonight and wish we could do it everyday. She just laughed and told me I’ll get my chances. We dressed up, kissed for 5 mins and left for home

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