Who We Are

Our website address is: https://dodils.com

When you sign up with us or placed your order, we value your trust in us. Protection of your own data is considered important and we keep your data, order history and other records private. dodils.com or any of its affiliates won’t abuse your own data!! Personal data implies any data that identifies with a characteristic individual, which, either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, in combination with other data accessible or prone to be accessible with a body corporate, is capable for recognizing such individual. This incorporates your name, address, age, sex, date of birth, telephone number and so on.

We will likewise gather a portion of your delicate individual data, viz: your bank account details or your credit or debit card details. We utilize these delicate individual data just to secure your payment for the Orders that you have placed with us.

We believe and follow a very strict privacy policy as follows:

No Sharing of Information

  • We will never leak your email address or some other details except if it is utilized for our internal business purposes or research just with the goal to process your orders and to serve you better.
  • We won’t sell your data to any outsiders/third parties.
  • When you order from us, we expect you are keen on our items and will email you in the event that we trust that we are giving data that will be helpful to you relating to the items that you have purchased from us and items that could be significant for you. You can keep a different correspondence email id with us. On the off chance that you don’t wish to get messages about our products please unsubscribe from our mailing list.
  • Your credit card/bank statement would not display our name: Even your credit card/bank account would not display any transaction with the name of our website. The name “dodils.com” would not show up anywhere.li>
  • The shipper name on the card/bank statement will either display our payments handling partner name or it will display our parent organization’s name.
  • We will keep up the security of our systems and data: Your data is protected with us and even our workers can’t access it except if it is expected to benefit you.
  • Aside from as expressed in this privacy policy, we won’t utilize your own or delicate individual data for some other reason or purpose. By placing an order with us, you agree to the way and utilization of your own data and your delicate individual data by us.

How We Use Your Information

    • Your shipping address: This is utilized to dispatch your order. You can change it for every order and we won’t send anything else to this address with the exception of your request itself.
    • Your telephone number: This is utilized just for helping the courier delivery individual to track you. The discreet and hidden package of the orders guarantees that the courier delivery individual does not get to know anything about your order or you. Your telephone number may also be utilized to confirm your orders and send you shipment tracking details. Our best administration may call you on your number to get your valuable feedback and recommendation to enhance our nature of item and services. On the off chance that you don’t wish to be reached on your cell number, or you wish to be reached on some other number, kindly tell us by dropping a mail at admin@dodils.com
    • Your credit card data: Your CC/bank account data is utilized just to process the transaction.
    • Your email address: We won’t send you emails in the event that you ask for us not to. As a default, we accept your assent to send you messages for the purposes of:
    • Messaging you a copy of the details of your order
    • Messaging you the delivery/shipping confirmation
    • Messaging you a short consumer satisfaction review
    • Messaging you ‘Updates/Reminders’ for items you choose to be reminded for
    • Messaging you the  information related to new items or promotions on the website
    • Messaging you data about issues that we believe might hold any importance with you
    • Your billing address: This is required ONLY for purposes of confirmation of your credit/debit card. dodils.com won’t send anything to your billing address.

Legal Issues

  • In the off chance, a transaction is involved in a legal dispute (generally credit card fraud); data may be demanded from us in form of an observer summons (lawful demand for data or appearance). In such cases, we may be required to furnish the necessary data. In the event this happens, our policy is to initially contact the customer (through a favored medium picked by the customer) to inform them of our lawful commitments.
  • All legal disputes or cases would be strictly entertained under Bathinda (Punjab) jurisdiction only.
  • These issues are not common and mostly occur in case of credit card frauds. Subsequently, such data sharing would help in securing your account and business with us.

Information Collection and Use

All the data found on this site, even those gathered from users (surveys, reviews, comments and so on), is exclusively possessed by dodils.com. This data won’t be shared, sold, or rented to others in ways other than what was disclosed in this announcement.

The individuals who wish to register with our site will be required to provide us with a unique email, password, and a phone number (optional). Becoming a user will enable us to reach you about the numerous items and services we offer.

Our order forms will request the users to give out a few of his/her personal and fiscal data, for example, the name, shipping address, and credit card number. This data is necessary for payment purposes and for handling issues. Rest guaranteed these data won’t be spilled out to the public or be utilized for reasons other than business.

dodils.com does not generally use cookies (information containing the user’s data) however may periodically utilize them to gather statistical and technical data when required.

Links to other sites
Our webpage may connect to different sites that may gather personally recognizable data about you. Any such pages will clearly be recognizable in the browser URL and won’t carry the dodils.com logo on the top. We don’t bear any liability for the policies or activities of such websites at all.

However, such links (with the exception of the one to our payment portal provider) are NOT required to browse or complete any transaction at dodils.com. We have promised that your involvement with us is as private as it ought to be.

Our payment portal provider may have a history of a large number of secure payment transactions. You may shop with confidence with us and make secure payments through them.

Our webpage may have links from advertisers and we bear NO liability of results after being re-coordinated to their sites.

Merger, Acquisition, and Termination of Service
In case that we merge with, or are acquired by another organization, the subsequently joined organization will utilize the Personal Information and/or any delicate individual data you have given as depicted in this policy. On the off chance that we cease our operations, your Personal Information and/or delicate individual data might be exchanged to and utilized by another organization that offers comparable or related items or services.

We are sure that you agree that we have the best privacy policy in the business. You are free to keep in touch with us and write to us at admin@dodils.com for any explanations & clarifications.