Premium ‘Number-Lock’ Packaging

Premium Packaging For Extra Protection & Privacy.

What is premium packaging ? Let us introduce you to it!!

When we go out and book our product what is the first thing everybody is afraid of ?

The one thing we all get tensed about while we shop for anything online, “Will it be safe & working?”

Many a times things end up getting broke while in transit due to many different reasons by the courier partners or other unfortunate reasons, even though we have got our hands on one of the best courier service providers all round the country but minute human errors can’t be predicted, so whom will you “our valuable” customers blame this for?

Although this happens once in a thousand package but well you don’t know… when you get unlucky!!. While all other products aren’t so considered when it leads to damaged package but when it comes to sex toys and adult products they are mostly fragile and are to be handled with care kind of products.

So we from our side always try to get the best packaging for the products & along with our courier partners take care of the product more than needed so that it doesn’t gets damaged while coming to you.

As we know Nobody wishes to ruin there fantasies by getting a damaged product, but what if you unfortunately happen to be the one among thousands and now which will lead to wait of some more days to get fantasied, and get your pleasure in your hand .

But while you are with us you don’t have to be tensed, as now your favourite website “Dodils” has came up with such an amazing packaging service that’s unique and best in it’s own kind. We felt as we have started to emerge as our customers top priority, so why not to be better and from better we mean to be more better? So here we came up with an incredible idea of “PREMIUM NUMBER-LOCK PACKAGING”,*for extra protection & privacy*.of your fantasies ;).

This exclusive feature is a real game changer in the e-commerce business of sex toys and adult products which make the delivery quality better which in this mean time has been our one of the best feature to our customers as on a ratio of nine of ten orders are now being delivered premium packed, only because it assures completely discrete and personalized packaging which reduces the privacy issues and leads to zero privacy breaching and a relaxed shopping experience.

Basically in brief the products are packed in a box which it’s number locked and we have provided specially designed premium boxes with a NUMBER-LOCK set on it, which only opens by the pin/password set by you. The password settings will happen at the checkout page. This makes it more assured as in case if someone deceitfully receives your package, he/ she won’t be able to open it without your will. Only you know the password. And not just the box is for one time use we have made it in a such a way that it’ll be further used in home for other household purposes also.

This EXCLUSIVE feature of for your Extra privacy and policy has been introduced at a minimal price as we try to be cheaper in all aspects and at our website quality products are at quality price so we have negotiated the additional charges that will be levied for premium “Number-Lock” packaging from Rs. 999/- to around Rs. 399/- for all as we believe in satisfaction first.

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