Part -2 !! My friends hot wife

In the alcove with the ice and pop machines was another door marked “LAUNDRY”. She entered and I followed. As soon as the door closed she went to her knees and started tugging at my zipper. I couldn’t believe how brash she was. I helped her along, and as soon as my cock cleared my pants she engulfed it in her mouth. Exhibiting wild abandon, she really gave my cock a workout.

As it grew in her mouth, she vacuumed it up and stroked it with her tongue. In no time it was at full staff, she was having a hard time getting it all in her mouth. I concentrated on the blow job ’till I felt the pressure build under my balls.

I pushed her away and she came reluctantly. I pushed her against the wall and raised her sweater and bra so I could get at her petite tits. Her nipples were like marbles between my lips and teeth. I tried to poke them in with my tongue but they were too firm.

As I was sucking away at her tits I worked at her pants. I eased them down to her knees and tugged at her panties. In my haste I guess I pulled too hard, they ripped and came away in my hand. I threw them in the corner, and traced a line with my tongue between her tits, down her belly and straight to her pussy.

I was greeted by drenched bush. I parted her cunt lips and dove on her snatch with my tongue. I pulled the hood from over her clitoris and tongue lashed directly on her love button. She responded by rotating her hips, and succeeded in drenching my faces with her love juices.

I could stand it no longer. I stood up and dropped my pants. I grabbed her by the buns, and lifted her onto my cock. She let out a sigh as she slowly sank on my engorged tool. Damn, her snatch was tight.

You would never have know she had had two kids, she was as tight as a teenager. I braced her against a washing machine and pounded into her furiously. She came quickly in a great shuddering orgasm that threatened to milk my cum before I was ready.

I paused just long enough to turn her over on the machine and mount her from the rear. Her tight snatch met every thrust as I pounded into her, her pubic bone rubbing the tender spot under the head of my cock.

The pressure in my balls was getting almost too much to contain, so I pulled all but the head from her dripping snatch. I fucked her with short jabs with just the head, holding her buns so she could not back onto my cock. The pressure subsided and stopped my motion for a bit. She was straining to have my whole manhood deep in the folds of her flesh, and I released my grip on her ass.

Her moans were so loud that it was echoing all around, her every moans used to make me get more closer to my climax….

With one great rush, she impaled herself on my member. I held her to me, loving the way her wet snatch was pressing on my balls. She reached back and started playing with them. I figured that it was now or never. I started building my strokes until I was ramming my dick furiously into her tight snatch. She started playing with her clit and shuddered in another orgasm.

The contractions of her pussy put me over the edge. I buried my cock and shot great streams of sperm deep into her cunt. I could feel her cunt expand with each spurt and soon it was filled to overflowing and cum oozed out onto my balls.

I laid down on top of her and luxuriated in the feeling of my dick in her cum-filled pussy as she contracted her cunt around my shrinking cock.

She wordlessly pushed me away and picked up her panties, and wiped my juice from her snatch.

She then went down and licked the droplets from my balls and limp organ. Standing, she gave me a deep kiss. We dressed in silence and made our way to the elevator.

I pushed the button for our floor, kissed her one last time, and allowed her to go to her room as I continued down to the bar.

I had to have a couple of drinks to convince me that it wasn’t just a dream.

I sipped each one reliving that fantastic fuck. I wont lie i masturbated back again remembering the moments as smell of her vagina still felt in my hands and i wanted to feel that wet pussy again. The moment was unbeleunbeli and sexy, so while the holiday ended we had two to three fucks more and after every we felt of getting caught and guilt although it was all about our guilty pleasure.

Well while returning back i didn’t wanted it to stop. But good things not last but still while returning things repeated she gave me hand job  this time and after returning we enjoyed our companies on bed often at hotels sometimes, sometimes at each other place when any one of us was alone. Her lips were the best and her pussy was the ultimate curvy and her moans every time i used to push in and out was unbeatable. She used to enjoy sex but going hardcore was her favourite thing . The best part used to be she going down on my dick taking it totally in and giving me the best blowjob. Her red lips used to make my dick wet like never before although she always used to make her nipples go wet while she holds my dick and touches her boobs with them.

We were having a good time although things changed as my friend got promoted and got transferred to other city i still miss her!!

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