Orgasmic sex positions !!

Sex can be really daunting, especially in the beginning or when you’re with a new partner.

It is one of the most intimate things you can do with another person and when you’ve only just begun to understand your own sexuality, you want sex to be a little comfortable and easy so that you can ease into things. That is why there are some sex positions for beginners that are perfect if you have no clue about where to start. These positions aren’t too challenging, don’t require a lot of skills and will help you ease into the zone without any pain.


You can’t have an article about sex positions for beginners and not include missionary. It is the foundation of the sex world. Almost all couples start off with this and for good reason. With the man on top, this sex position not only allows you two to look into each other’s eyes and cuddle, but it also takes a little bit of the pressure of the girl. You can go as hard or as slow as you wish with this one and make it easier for yourself to experiment in the future.


3 sex positions for beginners


This is perfect if you’re having sex for the first time. While it may require a little bit of confidence, with you on top, it’ll make the whole thing a lot easier on you and your body. Not only will you get to control the depth and the speed, but you’ll also be off to an adventurous start in your sex life. Also, the bonus point – this position almost always guarantees you an orgasm.


This position on the beginners’ list may seem counter-intuitive but it’s here for a reason, trust us! The reason this position is on this list is that it serves a dual purpose as the man penetrates you deeply while his hands are free to stimulate your clitoris or play with your breasts. This means that even if you’re not going to get an orgasm by penetration, a clitoral orgasm will get you there.

Face Down

If doggy is too intense in the beginning but you still want to try it, this is the version of the same we’ll suggest to you. You lie down on our stomach, with cushions under your belly for support, as your partner supports his weight on the bed while on top of you as he enters you. He can also whisper sweet nothings in your ear or you can turn your head and kiss him while he moves in and out.

Edge Of The Bed

This position requires you to lie at the edge of the bed with him between your legs as he enters you. Just like the missionary, this one is all pleasure no work for you as he thrusts away to his heart’s content. It’s also easier for him as he doesn’t need to balance his body weight and he can totally focus on moving.


Spooning is also a great position for beginners, especially because it is so sensual and romantic. Both of you lie on your side, facing the same direction as he enters you from behind. If you fell asleep together, then wake up to sex right away with this position. It is comfortable, relaxed and easily manoeuvrable giving you and your partner control over angle and depth of penetration.


Another intimate and stimulating position, this is also a sexier version of spooning. You two lie on your sides, facing each other and as you lift your top leg slightly, he enters you. Imagine all the kissing that’ll happen as he moves inside you. The ultimate position for beginners to help you two bond!


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