Made her moan like it was her first time

Shifting from small town to a big town it was hard to adjust at first and then i started getting new friends and getting settled slowly slowly and among my whole group the girl belonging from my hometown was someone i was started to get close too.

We used to go to lunch together. One day while midnight ,i was lying on my bed. And now the message beeps. It was her asking about how my meeting went and I said I was lying down all alone on the bed. She replied saying can I join? With a wink emoji ?. I was interested to carry in with that conversation and I said why not? But I will definitely be naughty. She replied saying I myself am a very naughty girl you don’t need to do anything I will show you what I can do, we used to flirt like this always but this time it was different!!.Then we both chatted for few more mins about few things which were no doubt unrelatable and she sent me pics of her in her short dress while getting ready for our meeting. We had a nice about the meeting and we both came and went to sleep. We both wanted to meet each other. The next day I returned to Bangalore office.  We talked a bit and She stood at my back and slowly massaged my shoulders and came down to my chest and she grabbed my chest and bit my ear.I pulled her in front of me and she gave me a lusty look. She usually wears sari to office. It was really tempting me I rubbed her belly softly and moved the sari aside and kissed her belly softly which she liked very much as she held my head and pushed it in her belly. I then pulled her and made her sit on my lap and hugged her from behind.We both were very much turned on for sex but I didn’t want to do it in office as it was a proper software company where it might become a problem. So I gave her my car key and asked her to wait in the car since. The parking space was in one dark corner of the building with all trees around. When I reached my car it was running and she kept the Ac on. I opened the door and there came her perfume smell which she put before I came. And she redid her usual red lipstick. I immediately went in and pulled her and kissed her Plump lips and was literally eating them.She completely explored my mouth with her tongue. She immediately tried to put her hand inside my pants. But as I perfectly dressed in formals and it was difficult for her to get to my dick. I helped her by removing my belt and pants. She then started stroking my dick and kissed my lips very passionately with continuous moaning. My hands were squeezing her boobs which were very easy and comfortable since she was wearing a sari. She stopped for a second and looked at me with all lust in her eyes. She tried to bend down to take my dick in her mouth but I stopped her and asked to eat that up and put in her lipstick fade it and then suck my cock like me never before. I like it that way.She did so and started sucking my cock very softly. It was very tickling as well as very pleasurable. I was living in a house nearby with my friend and she was staying in a nearby pg. I told her that I would take her to my place and till we reach I wanted her to keep me aroused . She completely ate up my cock before we reached. Since my friend was out of the town, I asked her to be quiet and we entered with the key I had. I took her to my bedroom and asked her to lock the door.While she lifted her hand and locked the door I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck and squeezed her boobs and buried my dick in her ass. I then turned her and pushed her hard towards the wall and took off her sari very fast and started kissing her very hard and I was breathing very hard as I was aroused very much. All these days I wanted to grab and suck those boobs and it was time. I almost tore her blouse with aggression but managed to remove it somehow without tearing. I then squeezed both of her boobs and lifted them and buried my face in her cleavage and licked it fast. I then removed her bra and threw it away. Wow, those boobs were against gravity. They were very stiff and her nipples were really thick and erected. I have had sex before but I haven’t seen such inviting boobs.I literally sucked her nipples and tried to insert her whole boob in my mouth. I bit her nipple and pulled it till she moaned. I started beating her boobs to see them jingle. I held both her nipples, pulled them and shook her boobs fast. I saw her face and she was really enjoying the pleasure and she wanted more. I sucked her boobs again and slowly went down kissing and licking her tummy, navel. I couldn’t wait for her pussy anymore. I fast removed her sari and her petticoat or skirt. Her thighs were really huge I hugged her thighs and kissed and licked. I then kissed her pussy very hardly over her panty. She was moaning in pleasure and asked me to eat her pussy up. I pulled her panty with my teeth and removed it with my hands. She was completely naked in front of me. What a body and size it was. I wanted to see her ass so I slowly whispered in her ear to turn around so that I could see her ass and bit her ear.When she turned I saw those two huge moons. I immediately stick my dick in her ass. We hugged and kissed each other while my dick was rubbing her pussy and underbelly.I fast bit and licked her body all over from her neck, boobs belly and went to her pussy which was really wet. I didn’t want to stand and do it. I took her to my bed and made her lie down on her back. I lifted both her legs bent and split them and put it over my shoulders and started licking her pussy bottom to top very fast. She couldn’t control it and she lifted her hip up and moaned biting her lips. I made it, even more, faster and vigorous and inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy. She was moaning and kept saying fuck me harder. I wanted her to taste her own juice. I kissed her lips and licked her mouth after licking her pussy. We both were breathing very heavily as I was making her go out of the world. I was kissing her lips and sucking her boobs while my palm was continuously rubbing her pussy very fast. She literally couldn’t control it and she forgot about the world around her. I literally saw her like there was something inside her body trying hard to come out. She then came and my palm was full of her juice. I made her lick my fingers fully.And she said that she was going to show me what she can do. . I couldn’t resist any more I said I was going to cum. I wanted to cum in her mouth I made her kneel down and I jerked off my cock and came till the last drop in her mouth. I was completely exhausted because of the vigorous and deeply involved sex. She went to the restroom to wash up and she came out and kissed me for a while and she rubbed her pussy on my thighs as my dick went back to normal size. She wanted me to fuck her pussy immediately again

We reached her room by car and I gave her a hug and a deep kiss on her lips. She then after her internship quit her job and went to the US for the new projects.

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