Her sexual desires!!

Why always boys think of being the horniest, what about girls? They probably just get naughtier! Have you thought such? No, although we have brought up some of them in this blog  Here we have a list of some kinky things girls desire or secretly love or, at least, hope to experiment with, but will never ever admit to. Don’t deny it, you know you’ve thought about it, girls! !!

Ohh! Don’t Tease, Send A Picture Please 😉

Some girls absolutely love to tease guys and totally turn them on by sending dirty pictures arousing their shit out to a new level… although we always has to be revealing a lot, yet hiding the most important bits, our social game is strong and it makes us feel oh-so-kinky!

It’s a public Tease !

The different level thing as it’s so much thrill of being intimate in public is a huge turn on, for guys and girls, alike. So the next time, don’t think twice before stealing a kiss in the elevator or slipping your fingers up her thigh when you’re alone at the dinner table. Not only would you catch her off guard but also, she would have some serious trouble maintaining a poker face in public, if you know what we mean ^_^.

Sexy Lingerie to take us on!!

Every single girl loves owning and adorning incredibly sexy lingerie from laces to push-ups to thongs. Wondering why? Cause it makes them feel sexy, of course! They also like to take it the next level sometimes and try on garters and suspenders. Although makes us turned on too…

Try With Me Baby?

It’s not just guys, but girls too get bored with the mundane vanilla sex and like to experiment every now and then. This means, there is a very high probability that they would absolutely entertain the idea of making love on the kitchen slab, in the back seat of the car, or even join the mile high club on our next vacation, or on the couch you never know?

Wild & Rough Hardcore Thing!!

If we think that we might hurt them, you may just be wrong, baby! Because for a lot of girls, rough foreplay and sex is a huge turn on. So dear boys, rough it up a notch (after talking about it, of course and please)! And while you do that, whisper all the dirty things you want to do to us as well, and break the vanilla guy thing notching around !!

Shades Of Grey thing 😉

Yes, you guessed it right! I’m talking about bdsm (And also the movie!). You’d be surprised to know how many girls have the fetish of giving over control to the guy and let him dominate her. And not just that, I’m talking about the whole package from whips to handcuffs to gags! We have them all on our website have it with her of w/o too? 😉 Grab some at Dodils

The Butt Game !!

They won’t ever say it, but it makes us feel super sexy and naughty at the same time, though it turns us on super excitedly to be spanked discretely in public or not-so-discreetly during foreplay.

Let them have us In their Self Play

Every girl indulges in some self-pleasure every now and then. And what’s the harm? Life is all about finding your own happiness, right? And we don’t even mind doing it in front of you, in case you need a quick lesson. ** Don’t think take her down quickly. 😉

Sexting ? instead of Texting ,

Girls love sex-ting as much as guys do. So drop the good boy image and dirty talk your way into our hearts… Or wherever else! Next time, set the mood right by trying a steamy sexting session instead!

Chocolate And Ice, Just To Add A Little Spice!

We don’t just like kinky stuff before sex but we also love experimenting during sex. Lather up some chocolate over us or use the ice effect and we’ll be turned on more than ever. Even if we do end up a bit sticky by the end of it. Oh well! Totally worth the experience!

RolePlay before some foreplay !!

Girl says: “Officer, have I done something wrong that I need to be punished for?” (Dressed up in a kinky short skirt and half unbuttoned shirt.) And you thought this was just a movie scene? Nope, they’ve totally daydreamed about this scenario! Go always try some role play before foreplay 😉

Feeling So Sore And So Kinky

You know that feeling of being so sore that you can’t walk straight after a night of crazy sex? Yes, they might complain but they kinda like that feeling because it makes them feel so, SO naughty!

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