Famous Sex Toy Mythology

While We Have Told You About Top 5 Sex Toys Myths  .There are some more 5 famous sex toys myths..

Famous Myths !!

Myth : I’ll become Addicted to my sex toy:

Fact: There is no physiological basis for vibrator addiction. Vibrators have not been proven to be harmful and neither has masturbation, and there has never been any evidence to prove that you go through physical withdrawal symptoms from stopping vibrator use. The term ‘addiction’ is defined as the condition of being abnormally dependent on some habit. The worry is the fear that if I indulge in this new sexual experience I will never want to stop. This same theory could be used for any product that gives pleasure, example if I indulge in icecream, I will never be able to stop. This doesn’t hold true, I may love the sensation of eating icecream, the feel of the yummy icecream screaming joy to my tastebuds, but I wouldn’t become dependent on eating icecream.Sometimes the term of addiction refers to the fact that women can come easily, therefore leading to a habit, detraction from experiencing other types of sexual stimulation. There is a full range of sexual sensations that leads to the enjoyment of sex, you may use your hand, a penis or tongue, or sex toy. There’s no law that one or another has to be used, the pleasure is on stimulating all the senses, and different methods simply add to the enjoyment.

Myth .  Sex toys are for people without partners:

Sex toys do fill in nicely when you are single, or when you do have a partner and he or she just isn’t in the mood.  However sex toys are a great addition to any sexual repertoire.  Sex toys add options to partner play, and can create intimacy and new sensations to your sex play. Small clitoral vibrators can enhance oral play for both partners or can add that extra stimulation to push you over the edge when used during intercourse. There are various sex toys that can be used with partners or solo, like multivibe.  All of these are healthy options for solo or partnered toy play.  Isn’t it nice to have options?

Myth . The Sex Toy I use determines the type of person I really am:

The type of sex toy a person buys does not determine their sexual orientation or your sexual identity. For example: “If I buy an anal toy people will think I am gay”, if I buy a double ended dildo then I must be a lesbian’ or ‘if I buy hand cuffs I must be into S&M”.  These are many women and heterosexual men who like anal intercourse, and gay men who do not, there are plenty of heterosexual women who like the feeling of a double ended dildo used in couples play.  Sexual pleasure comes in all shapes and forms, and each toy cannot lead to the compartmentalization of the individual. These are toys used to enhance sexual pleasure that is all, they are not a reflection of the person.

Myth : Sex Toys are made by dishonest men who are trying to capitalise on sexual ignorance:

Sex toys were previously sold in dodgy adult stores where the lighting was poor, and you had to slink in for fear of someone seeing you enter. The products were poorly made and due to the nature of people’s ignorance and shame surrounding sex, no one would be game enough to complain.  However this is not how the sex toy industry is today. Sex is no longer a dirty word; people are more open about their sex toy purchases. Thanks to the internet people’s anonymity is ensured, therefore they can afford to be choosier and complain if a product is not up to scratch. Therefore the manufacturers have had to come to the party and start producing sex toys that are bodysafe, made of high quality medical grade products and they come with a huge array of features, with multiple selections on offer. At Orgasmic Solutions  we are service orientated, we have many years’ experience and will happily answer all questions and recommend products.

Myth : Only perverts and ‘kinky’ people buy sex toys:

A pervert is a person who turns away from what is right, proper, or good; corrupt, whilst someone who is kinky is unusual, abnormal, or has deviant sexual practices.  There is nothing corrupt about enjoying your sexuality.  There is no longer the stigma attached to buying sex toys. It may be considered sexual exploration, but this doesn’t make the person kinky. The increase in the amount of women who buy sex toys reflects the changing attitude that sex toys are now mainstream.  Since 1992 sales of sex toys for women have jumped from 10% to 40% of the sex shop customers in Australia, this is a massive jump. The old fashion stereotypes attached to sex toys are no longer valid

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