Erotic Dreams..!!

Have you ever had an erotic dream about a celeb you’re crushing on? Or maybe a cute guy in your class or well, maybe your significant other? You’re imagining making out with him and you wake up with goosebumps…

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re having these dreams, this new study might have just answered your question. The study conducted by the University of Freiburg in Germany found that one in every five women under the age of 30 has erotic dreams. In fact, women are having three times more sex dreams now than those from 50 years ago.

The report concluded, “The gender difference in the percentage of erotic dreams in men and women aged 16 to 30 in the present study is lower than that found in a similar 1966 study, which could reflect the evolution induced in modern societies by the feminist movements. One might speculate that younger women in modern society deal with sexuality more openly than older women of previous generations.”

The researchers, who conducted the study asked nearly three thousand men and women between the ages of 16 to 92 about the nature of their dreams. What were the research findings? Those aged between 16-30 years had a higher frequency of erotic dreams. One in five also admitted to playing out their fantasies in late-night thoughts before snoozing off which could explain the ideas being transferred into dreams.Here are the results from the survey–about 83.8 percent had experienced an erotic dream, overall, 18.2 percent of which were aged under 30. The 16 to 30 age group had the highest rate of erotic dreams: 25.3 percent for men and 22.1 for women compared to dreams about music (6.15 percent), sport (5.94 percent), and politics (4.11 percent).

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemming told an international publication, “We are more likely to remember the good dream before it disappears back into our subconscious. Erotic dreams are more likely to fall into that category as opposed to making us feel guilty. What they don’t go into in the report is the type of dreams women are having compared to the ones men are having, which I suspect are still pretty different.”

So, have a good night ladies! Make the most of your dream. *wink*.

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