offers 100% discreet delivery for your orders. We ship your orders totally discreet right from our warehouse to your doorstep. Neither even any of our team member nor the delivery personnel knows anything about the customer’s identity. Our customer’s privacy is the most important thing which matters to us completely. We continuously strive for the best of our services when it comes to customer satisfaction. is the one and only website to offer this much level of customer satisfaction, or we can call it “100% Customer Satisfaction”.

A lot of people are concerned about the privacy and discretion of adult products. We take one step ahead towards your privacy on You can choose your CUSTOMIZED NAME and PERSONAL NOTE on the checkout page, that will be written as the title on the product packaging. So, the people will only read, what you want them to. To ensure a fully discreet delivery, you can choose from 2 different packaging options as following:

1. Standard Packaging: This includes the standard regular packaging of the product in standard boxes with bubble paper wrapping covered with a plain, white, opaque polythene paper. Don’t worry, this will also be completely discreet. We don’t indicate any information about the product or website outside the packaging box.

2. Number-Lock Packaging: This is a premium packaging exclusively offered by to ensure extra 8-Step protection of privacy.

In this packaging, your ordered product will be packed in a special premium heavy-duty box (Plastic, Metal or Wooden box) with a number-lock installed on it and its password will be the same as you set it on the checkout page.

This ensures a complete 100% safety and privacy for your order, even if someone deceitfully receives your order or forcefully tries to open it, he/she will not have access to your product as it will lie safely inside the password protected box.

Moreover, the premium packaging charges will not be wasted. The box and the number-lock can be used later for any other household purpose.

(Additional packaging charges will be applicable for premium “Number-Lock packaging”, Rs. 499/- for orders of any size and weight. We will bear the extra cost if the packaging charges exceed Rs. 499/-)

The complete stepwise packing procedure as shown below* is strictly followed by dodils: