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Customer Satisfaction.

Time flies things change, life in this run time day to day world schedule gets hectic & busy, and in the meanwhile we end up finding ways to settle things down, Either this be in real life or virtual things now revolve around making things easier.

It’s well said once :-

Hard Work Doesn’t always leads to success, though smart work does!!

This time change has led to changes in all expect, all round the life the most fast developing change has been led by technology, which is helpful to. The most effective and trending change in this “World Wide Web” is led by online shopping or e-commerce websites which has made everywhere everything easier summed up & settled to. It brought up almost everything at one place or we can say at one web pages or website.
While everything came up things went easier, people went on shopping this they felt was hard to, & when it comes to shopping of adult product and sex toys it’s now so much easier leading websites and sellers has now emerged all up the “World Wide Web”,
But are they providing what they promise? Like do they really?

While things are changing life is changing large number of websites came with large number of sellers and more than that large and bigger promises which they offer at rates so high that it’s not so affordable.

Let me quote here one of our customer’s review whom we asked to keep his view points about our website and services: –

“Mr. Saxxxr Kumar” (From Ranchi, Jharkhand INDIA)

  • I am personally a shopping lover, getting things online is like the best. While so many options came with so much who won’t love to, but being settled at a city not such a center or hub for any such online firms was hard to get everything. I am among those wild one’s when it comes to my fantasies either be solo or with a mate, cringe, yet it’s me and like as it is but I am among those shady people who aren’t so open about these things when it comes to shopping such adult stuffs. So I thought using online shopping, I got one website named which claimed on time delivery and all what not and shopped from got the product delivered with extra charges and even delivery was 8 days late, still I felt I’ll manage but the brand in the end claimed the product has been lost and will revert in days to me and got the money 50% deducted with different t & c as according to its terms and condition but all this process took 20 25 days and it took more 15 days for refund, it was pathetic but when I shopped from “Dodils” man they are awesome delivery one time quality product if you are into such shopping and want such assured quality and customer satisfaction go for them I have shopped 2 3 products and will shop many more as the best about them is that they don’t charge anything extra neither in the name of COD charges extra taxes or delivery charges, and most important if you ordered the product from “Dodils” get assured you will get a delivery for sure guaranteed delivery, is what they provide the bes among all.

*(for legal & websites term & condition names are hidden)*


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