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You may have came across alot of day to day e-commerce companies but did any of them, asked your opinion about what they offered? Obviously a very Little of them may have did, though we ask and request all our customers to write a review of the products they purchased from us and give us their view of the service provided by us.


As 100% Customer satisfaction is our first aim while others are of secondary we always try to apply all our resources to provide u one perfect order which you wished and ordered for while saying such would might be doubtful though. So while dealing with so many customers we get some who appreciate our work and management. so here we would like to represent one of our customers reviews which she mailed us as a thanking,

“Mr. Rixxxxa V***a” (From Delhi,  INDIA)

  • I am personally a shopping lover, getting things online is like the best. While so many options came with so much who won’t love to, but being settled at a city not such a center or hub for any such online firms was hard to get everything. I am among those wild one’s when it comes to my fantasies either be solo or with a mate, cringe, yet it’s me and like as it is but I am among those shady people who aren’t so open about these things when it comes to shopping such adult stuffs. So I thought using online shopping, I got one website named which claimed on time delivery and all what not and shopped from got the product delivered with extra charges and even delivery was 8 days late, still I felt I’ll manage but the brand in the end claimed the product has been lost and will revert in days to me and got the money 50% deducted with different t & c as according to its terms and condition but all this process took 20 25 days and it took more 15 days for refund, it was pathetic but when I shopped from “Dodils” man they are awesome delivery one time quality product if you are into such shopping and want such assured quality and customer satisfaction go for them I have shopped 2 3 products and will shop many more as the best about them is that they don’t charge anything extra neither in the name of COD charges extra taxes or delivery charges, and most important if you ordered the product from “Dodils” get assured you will get a delivery for sure guaranteed delivery, is what they provide the bes among all.

*(for legal & websites term & condition names are hidden)*

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