Are sex toys legal to sale, purchase and keep in India?

Are sex toys legal to sale, purchase and keep in India?


Sex toys are openly sold in India, but, it seems vague whether it is lawful to do as such or not. Items ordered as sex toys, may disregard vulgarity laws and fall inside the grey area of law. In this article, we indulge in this problem.

However, the traditions of Indian people adopted through hundreds of years don’t allow the public or open representation of sex toys in India.
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Sale Of Sex Toys In India

For quite a while, adult items have been in the grey market, sold frequently by the road sellers.

In Delhi’s or Mumbai’s grey markets, one could effortlessly discover sex toys as they are so open and simple to discover. The most trusted name among the online websites of sex toys is, The most recent few years, there’s been a blast in the web-based business portion available to be purchased of grown-up or sex toys fluctuating from numerous types and kinds of them. As indicated by the review, the vast majority of the sex toys are purchased by the male network in our nation for example 65% while, just 35% are purchased by the female network.

Section 292 – Law forbidding the closeout of sex toys

Showcasing or presentation of sex toys in an obscene way disregards the provision of Indian Penal Code on grounds of obscenity.
But the products on have no legal issues or other customs issues.

Section 292 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860 considers it illegal, the disposal, notice, distribution and general society presentation of obscene books, sketch, drawing or some other “foul” object.

Hence only the representation or arrangement of sex toys is prohibited under Indian laws, only if done in an “obscene or malign manner”.
Obscenity is a criminal offense under Indian law which is condemnable with detainment and fine both.

The online selling of sex toys is completely legal according to Indian laws.
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[Some Frequently Asked Questions]

Is keeping sex toys at home an offense?

No, keeping sex toys at home isn’t an offense except if the individual is private about its use and working. Each individual has his/her private life and thus, they have the full right to do whatever they like to under those limits.

Would you be able to import sex toys? Is it lawful?

The fundamental question raises here is the manner by which to label which sex toys ought to be considered for import and which ought not to be. From what we know, the obscenity laws of our nation for example IPC 292, 293 and 294 are theoretical when the issue comes with respect to the import and selling of sex toys. As indicated by the Calcutta High Court, any item or manual recommendation of any sort of incitement for the happiness regarding sex, if not communicated in any malign language, can’t be labeled as obscene. Thus, yes import of sex toys is lawful just on the off chance that it doesn’t contain any vulgar language or intolerant pictures.

Selling of adult items – Whether any act of the Information Technology Act is pulled in?

Indeed, an arrangement of the Information Technology Act is pulled in. Segment 67 of the Information Technology Act gives distributing of data which is profane in any electronic structure. The segment expresses that whoever distributes or disperse in electronic structure any material which is vulgar or will in general personalize an individual will be rebuffed on the principal conviction with detainment which may delay to five years and with a fine which may stretch out to one lac rupees and in the occasion of second conviction with detainment which may drag out to ten years additionally with a fine which may reach out to two lac rupees.


We can conclude from the above-examined article is that the sale of sex toys by any physical means through the roadside vendors/ sellers is restricted and punishable while, selling of sex items online isn’t prohibited and punishable as long as the retailer recalls that the showcasing procedure and the guidelines and directions set somewhere around the administration i.e., ‘Obscenity’ of any sort or any way ought to be disallowed whether it is in graphical structure or physical portrayal. Laws with respect to the online selling of sex-toys in India are viable.

India is a developing nation, both socially and financially and is quickly seeking after the western culture and its following. However, online selling of sex toys isn’t banned in India.

These days sex toys are being sold even at regular chemist shops. Even Durex has started marketing very limited variety in India, some sort of ‘vibrator rings’.


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