7 Erotic Ways to Make Your Girl comfortable!!

There’s something special about making love to a woman. You feel safe, warm and connected to her when you’re wrapped around her arms. At first, it feels like a challenge to woo her, but once she’s yours, you have a soulmate for life. In bed, she too has desires to fulfil, and the story would not be complete if you weren’t in it.

Trust me, you won’t be able to get enough of her…

Look into your eyes when you’re thrusting into her…

Womans has passion in her heart. She won’t sleep with you if she doesn’t have feelings for you. During sex, she loves making eye contact with you because it’s just sexier that way. When she’s locked eyes with you, you just know she wants you to devour ALL of her.

Go down on you.

As long as you return the favour at the end, she’ll be more than keen on going down on you. Your pleasure is her priority and she won’t stop until you moan her name out loud.

Shower you with kisses.


Love to her is not a game and she doesn’t like to play rough. She keeps it classy and gentle. She wouldn’t mind experimenting with rough sex on and off, but she likes to take it slow and build on from there. From head to toe, she’ll be planting soft kisses all over your body. This tiny gesture is bound to make you feel really special.

Talk dirty to you.

Sex to her is anything but quiet. She’s very open about communication between the sheets and won’t hesitate in telling you where to touch her. Occasionally, she’ll even whisper confessions of love into your ear.

Do it on the table.


Never underestimate this woman’s personality. You think you know her, but you actually don’t. She will surprise you when you least expect it. The best part is that you’ll never get bored. One minute you two are doing it in bed, the next minute it’s on the couch, third in the shower and then finally, on the kitchen table. Most of the times, kink is a favourite mood.

Touch your love spots

She’s not the shy one, her touch proves it. She’s a skilled lover who knows how to turn her man on. While other women touch only the surface, the Cancerian woman dives deeper. Places like at the back of your ear, neck, inner thighs, buttocks – she wants to feel and caress them all.

Complete Her desires !!

As everybody knows many times during sex things are left incomplete with her as factually women take much longer time to have their climax than mens so to make the night more erotic and sexier do the foreplay thing get herself moaning with range of sex toys , you can shop of the best sex toys @ Dodils.com My favourite sex toy place.

Cuddle after sex.

Once you two are done with the deed, it doesn’t and shouldn’t just end there. She wants to cuddle after. She wants to have those intimate 3 am conversations and lay her head on your chest to hear your heartbeat. She’s much of a romantic that way.

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