5 techniques to touch her vagina.

Once you discover a few no-fail tricks for touching her vagina and bringing her to orgasm, it’s hard not to fall into a sexual routine.And although women often worry about taking too long to climax, they also don’t want to hit their peak in 60 seconds flat—which is what can happen if you go straight to your failsafe move every time.

# Open her hood.

There’s a little flap of skin that covers her clitoris when she’s not fully aroused and it’s begging to be played with.The clitoral hood is actually an extension of the inner lips.Early on in your encounter—before she’s gotten so turned on that her hood retracts—give the hot spot aon her vagina a little love: Trace her inner labia upwards until you find the fold just above her clitoris, and stroke it with your fingertips.When she’s ready for direct clitoral contact, “you can use your thumb to push that skin up a little bit toward her belly button,” says Brandon.

# Find her G-spot.

When it comes to G-spot stimulation, most guys know one classic technique: Insert a finger inside her vagina, palm up, and use a come-hither movement to stimulate her. But what if that doesn’t work?Don’t give up your search for her hidden pleasure zone just yet.

The G-spot is not necessarily right in the middle of that front wall It might be a little more to one side or a little lower.

Her advice: Using at least two fingers, massage as much of the region as you can comfortably reach—and make sure she’s already wet before you work your way in.“If she’s excited, the area is a little raised and rough”.

# Circle her hot spot.

As tempting as it is to race to her clitoris, tease her a little before touching down. First, apply a little lube and circle her clitoris, applying a firm, taking a dip of lube on your fingers and circle it slowly consistent pressure.

The circling motion is one of the most popular with women during masturbation.

# Stimulate her vaginal opening.

Unless you’re a high-school boy, you’ve learned by now that fingering a woman just gliding in and out doesn’t do much for her.

But that doesn’t mean hands-off altogether: Use two or three fingers to work your way in and out, but make sure you’re not just going up and down—firmly rub against the lower vaginal canal,.

You can even linger in the opening of her vagina, moving your fingers in a circular motion, without ever taking them out completely.

Most of the nerve endings are in the lower third of her vagina,. Women like to feel really full at the opening.

# Keep her panties on.

Yes, you’re eager to strip her down, but leaving her panties on can add a little pleasurable friction to your touch.

It’s also great for a woman who is highly sensitive and prefers more indirect contact.

The ideal scenario: She’s wearing satin panties, not cotton, which will easily glide across her genitals as you stimulate her.

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